Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Georgia Boy, Oh Georgia Boy!

So I have to say that I have moved to Utah and the transition has been a little crazy but I am  ecstatic about all the food options here!!! 

Also living in a small town of 4000 people and the only food trucks you see are Mexican food trucks and when you watch the food network and see all these other awesome food trucks as your mouth waters wishing there was something like that. 

Well I found one here in the 801! I almost crashed as I tried to turn my car around, as my little foody heart jumped for joy! 

Georgia Boy!  
A southern food-food truck
There customer service was relaxed and friendly. 
I had the lamb sliders, which for a person who does not each much lamb. They were pretty darn good
Now I just wish I could try all these other food trucks! I will eventually. I know they meet downtown on thursdays but I work!! boo! :( I kow.