Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A.C. Drive In - Burley, Idaho

Rate: 4 out of 5
Hate waiting!!

Please excuse the man in this picture, I don't know who he is, but of course i will give him the credit. (: It is the only picture i could find.

So, I used to go to a Small burger joint next to Burger's Etc. in Rupert which recently changed its name to Happy Kamper Cookery. I loved going there as a child, and my mom would always take me because there used to be a brown bag special, which consisted of 3 hamburgers for $1.00 imagine that!!! Ah-mazing!!! Of course they stopped doing it and I was sooo bummed!!

I never actually looked at this place as somewhere I'd like to eat.  I always pass it on my way to work but never pay much attention to it. One day something inside of me said what the hell, lets try it! I only remember coming here once and having onions rings which in my mind they were delish, although it was so long ago, i cant really remember.. any who enough about my long life story.

I ordered a Farmer Brown and to my surprise it tasted like the hamburgers from back in the day!! Dear Lord!!! How I felt like a child again!! The burgers are expensive but I would pay for the memories in a heart beat!! I really enjoy this place!!

Well except for the waiting in my car w/ out ac in the hot ass weather!!! It sucks dying of heat exhaustion while waiting for a well deserved burger!!

So stop by A.C. Drive inn you'll enjoy it! <3