Monday, May 19, 2014

Copy Cat Mary-Kay Satin Hands

Mother's Day... I wish my mom was closer... I wish I could hang out with her and cuddle as we use to... I miss my mom dearly.. and we live hours apart. I love my mother and she knows I am always here for her and she has and will always be here for me. She has become a person to whom I can talk to ... I wish I hadn't been that stubborn teenager. See my mom was like Mariah Carey in a way, She was 40 when I was born.. We are 20 years apart. I am 22 now and shes 62. It breaks my heart to know that because of my mother's age I will lose her sooner.

So, I do have my Monster in Law here but although she has no soul. I still play nice, plus I have my sister and my niece in which I can make D.I.Y gifts for.

As always, all of my D.I.Y gift ideas are super easy and affordable.

 Like this Copy Cat Mary Kay Satin Hands recipe!


**How ever many mason jars you are planning to fill with this awesome smelling sugar scrub hand soap


**Dawn Olay Pomegranate-Berry Dish soap

**Coconut Oil(optional, but makes your hands even smoother! The more the merrier. )


**I bought hot pink Ribbon to tie around!

Step one open your mason jars fill with 3/4's of the way with sugar

Next add your dish soap and stir....takes likes 30 seconds (at that) until its consistency is like tooth paste!

& bam! you are done!! how easy was that?

now if you want even smoother hands add 1 to 2 table spoons (dont be Stingy!) of coconut oil

& you are done! Great gifts for any occasion!

Let me know what you think, how it comes out or if you have any concerns. I would love to hear & help! (: