Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Honey Walnut Shrimp!!! (minus Walnuts)

My favorite Honey Walnut Shrimp (minus Walnuts) recipe!!

Why minus Walnuts? Well... I'd probably prefer the nuts, but I am just not that patient and last time I added them I accidentally burned them lol, but this is just as good!!! Plus, it is super easy!!

Shrimp ( I usually buy the super cheap $5 medium-large bags at Wally Word-Walmart)
3 egg whites
1/2 cup corn starch

3Tbs. Mayonnaise
3Tbs. Condensed Milk
2Tbs. Honey
1/2 squeezed lime juice

First before you start peeling your shrimp grab a deep frying pan, and put your oil in it, enough to where you can fry your shrimp, let that heat while you start peeling your shrimp, make sure if there are frozen and your thawing them in water dry them with a paper towel.

Next mix the egg whites with the cornstarch. I use a mixing bowl once that is mixed put around 10 shrimp at a time and mix them into the batter, one at a time put the battered shrimp in the frying pan until they are golden brown then take them out and place them onto a paper towel covered plate to let the oil out. Repeat the process until you have fried all of your shrimp.

once all of your shrimp are fried.. It's time for your sauce!!!

Mix the Mayo, Condensed Milk, Honey and Lime juice! Woouala!! done!! Taste it!! if it needs a little more lime juice or honey etc play with it a little until its to your liking (:

Now that we have our sauce go ahead and put your shrimp in, mix and you are done!

There you go! Honey walnut shrimp!! better than Panda Express!!

Now for a side, I just used plane white rice!! Read the directions on the bag and add a little soy sauce..