Friday, February 13, 2015

Candy Poster For Him

Happy Valentine's Day!

Ahhh Love... .it can be kind it can be sweet torture. Over the years, I had always dreaded this day to a passion,  I wasn't pretty. I wasn't thin, and watching all the pretty skinny bitches get gifts like there was no tomorrow made me hate myself even more. Either way, I always came to school with a huge smile on my face, and a basket of lollipops and other goodies to spread the love to the other wonderful people who shared the same passion.


Then I met him.. I was 19 years young and our first date was amazing. We ate dinner at The Roof in Salt Lake City. We shared a romantic meal overlooking the temple inside The John Smith Memorial Building, and after went on a horse ride carriage.

I had never been the one to receive such love, or to even have someone give me that much attention. I mean our first date. I swear it could have been a movie, and it was happening to me!!

and he has been the sweetest ever since!!

I love this man.

3 years on February 7, 2015..... and it feels as if it were yesterday.

So, This my friends was one of my gifts to him for Valentine's Day.

As you know I am always looking for creative d.i.y ideas. This is a great easy idea that you can use for any occasion and it is fairly inexpensive. I used a black marker and a pink highlighter. Please feel free to use whichever colors you would like to. Let your creative juices flow!

And... if you would like to....make it a little less sloppy then mine lol. I was rushed but I feel as it still came out great!

I did have fun trying to find all of the candies needed for this project. I felt as if I was in Guy Fieri's Kitchen Games where at the end of the show they have like 2 minutes to find 20 items and if they accomplish it they win 20 grand! I wish I had won 20 grand but the look of happiness on my babe's face is priceless! (:

This project is pretty self explanatory.

You will need:

A poaster board
and the candy showed above.

Have fun but remember this day isn't only for your boo thang... it is for all your loved ones... your friends, your family.. your pets...

Thank you so much for reading this! (:

& Please Comment Below!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Good Future Hot Pot Salt Lake City, UT

It was a Friday night and my boyfriend and I were craving some Chinese food. We asked Siri for Chinese restaurants near us and up popped Good Future. 

Now Good Future, used to be a dance hall, my boyfriend was a little hesitant but I told him since there were multiple cars in the parking lot. It might be good. 

We walked into Good Future and saw that half of the restaurant was empty and the other side was consistent of about 6-10 tables. It looked a little iffy since it looked so empty, but we understood that it was a brand new restaurant and that might have been the reason why it was so empty. (To this day, it still looks the same and it has been more than 5 months) 

I have never had hot pot before, I had never even tried Pho before. But I love broths. They have an all you can eat Hot Pot for $15/per person.  They have about 4 different broth types, 

The above picture consists of half hot & spicy broth and bone broth 

The all you can eat hot pot also has a buffet table that has includes a great variety of different uncooked ingredients such as seafood, meat, noodles and veggies! 

Once you pick out the ingredients you would like, you can put them into your hot pot, and wait for them to cook. They actually cook pretty quickly!


It is supppper yummy!

We have been back to Good Future multiple times! We are sooo glad to have found this place, and to think we weren't even going to go in! 

The customer service is also great. 

and No, they do not only have hot pot, they have other yummy dishes as well!

Please Comment below and let me know how you feel about hot pots!  (: 

Hawaiian Ahi Poke Recipe

I have never been the one to cook fish. I mean, I hardly eat fish, but my boyfriend loves it. They say if you love sushi and if you love ceviche then you'll definitely love Ahi Poke!

Preparation time: 10 minutes maybe even less!


2 Ahi Tuna steaks 10 oz
1 Salmon Steak 6 oz
3 Tablespoons- Soy Sauce
1 Tablespoon-Sesame Seeds
1 Teaspoon-Sesame Oil
1 Teaspoon-Chili Garlic
1/2 cup chopped Green Onion

White Rice
1 cup rice, 2 cups water let boil then cover and simmer for 15 minutes or until tender.

So, this Recipe usually calls for 1lb of tuna, but I wanted to use salmon as well.

So combined tuna and salmon weight is 1lb

The salmon and tuna need to be cut into 1/2 inch cubes,

put into a large bowl and add the rest of the ingredients and gently toss together.

Eat immediately or cover and eat later (:


Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Blame It On the Alcohol!

How creative! Right?! This Came out Awesome!

My Boyfriend and I walked into a Ream's (local drugstore I did not know existed either) and saw a small watermelon and since we are fans of jello shots, an idea popped into our heads. Why not make Watermelon Jello Vodka?!


1 Watermelon
2 cups Vodka
2 packets Red Jello
1 packet Gelatin

We cut the Watermelon in Half took out the watermelon and ate it of course!

made the jello as you normally would follow the instructions on the packet (except your mixing 2 packets so times everything by 2) and after that is done add the gelatin packet, which is suppose to make the jello harder

and after added about 2 cups of vodka and then poured half into half of the watermelon and vise versa.

after the two halves of the watermelon have been filled put in the refrigerator over night.

and the next day cut into wedge slices!

Also as you see in the above picture they were not full all the way, so the next day when its ready you can cut the above rim if you would like.


Red E.L.F. Matte Lip Color

Hi Loves!

WOwza! It has been an Eternity since I have posted! I know that I am pretty much just writing for myself...sad I know! I need to get my blog more out there! Either way I'm having fun. lol

I've never been much of a lipstick person, but I am a grown up. So I decided to give it a try.

I bought this at Walmart, along with other E.L.F products, yes I went a little crazy... but that's okay! My favorite though is this Red E.L.F Matte Lip Color. It was only $3.00! All of their products range from $1 to $3.00 I am pretttty sure nothing is above $4.00. Supppper affordable and great quality!!

I mean look at these luscious lips!!! How awesome do they look?! This lip color is actually realllly Red! Which I love! and I can also use it as a lip pencil. It is also not as matte so its easy to apply.

The downside though is that it isn't as long lasting as I would of wanted it to be.

Thanks for reading and Comment below! (: