Thursday, February 12, 2015

Good Future Hot Pot Salt Lake City, UT

It was a Friday night and my boyfriend and I were craving some Chinese food. We asked Siri for Chinese restaurants near us and up popped Good Future. 

Now Good Future, used to be a dance hall, my boyfriend was a little hesitant but I told him since there were multiple cars in the parking lot. It might be good. 

We walked into Good Future and saw that half of the restaurant was empty and the other side was consistent of about 6-10 tables. It looked a little iffy since it looked so empty, but we understood that it was a brand new restaurant and that might have been the reason why it was so empty. (To this day, it still looks the same and it has been more than 5 months) 

I have never had hot pot before, I had never even tried Pho before. But I love broths. They have an all you can eat Hot Pot for $15/per person.  They have about 4 different broth types, 

The above picture consists of half hot & spicy broth and bone broth 

The all you can eat hot pot also has a buffet table that has includes a great variety of different uncooked ingredients such as seafood, meat, noodles and veggies! 

Once you pick out the ingredients you would like, you can put them into your hot pot, and wait for them to cook. They actually cook pretty quickly!


It is supppper yummy!

We have been back to Good Future multiple times! We are sooo glad to have found this place, and to think we weren't even going to go in! 

The customer service is also great. 

and No, they do not only have hot pot, they have other yummy dishes as well!

Please Comment below and let me know how you feel about hot pots!  (: