Monday, May 19, 2014

Copy Cat Mary-Kay Satin Hands

Mother's Day... I wish my mom was closer... I wish I could hang out with her and cuddle as we use to... I miss my mom dearly.. and we live hours apart. I love my mother and she knows I am always here for her and she has and will always be here for me. She has become a person to whom I can talk to ... I wish I hadn't been that stubborn teenager. See my mom was like Mariah Carey in a way, She was 40 when I was born.. We are 20 years apart. I am 22 now and shes 62. It breaks my heart to know that because of my mother's age I will lose her sooner.

So, I do have my Monster in Law here but although she has no soul. I still play nice, plus I have my sister and my niece in which I can make D.I.Y gifts for.

As always, all of my D.I.Y gift ideas are super easy and affordable.

 Like this Copy Cat Mary Kay Satin Hands recipe!


**How ever many mason jars you are planning to fill with this awesome smelling sugar scrub hand soap


**Dawn Olay Pomegranate-Berry Dish soap

**Coconut Oil(optional, but makes your hands even smoother! The more the merrier. )


**I bought hot pink Ribbon to tie around!

Step one open your mason jars fill with 3/4's of the way with sugar

Next add your dish soap and stir....takes likes 30 seconds (at that) until its consistency is like tooth paste!

& bam! you are done!! how easy was that?

now if you want even smoother hands add 1 to 2 table spoons (dont be Stingy!) of coconut oil

& you are done! Great gifts for any occasion!

Let me know what you think, how it comes out or if you have any concerns. I would love to hear & help! (:

Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Cafe Rio? 
It just never has captured my attention, why? I dont know. 
Everybody wanted to go to Cafe Rio. but not me. 

hmmm....            well finally, a thousand years later I tried that beauty! ↑up there↑A mouth watering pork barbecoa Burrito (enchilada style) yes mammm! ah god ! this shiznit was so good! why had I wasted all those years not going to Cafe Rio!  & of course there weird combo yet refreshing mint lemonade that I cannot seem to get enough of! 

* Must try * 

Georgia Boy, Oh Georgia Boy!

So I have to say that I have moved to Utah and the transition has been a little crazy but I am  ecstatic about all the food options here!!! 

Also living in a small town of 4000 people and the only food trucks you see are Mexican food trucks and when you watch the food network and see all these other awesome food trucks as your mouth waters wishing there was something like that. 

Well I found one here in the 801! I almost crashed as I tried to turn my car around, as my little foody heart jumped for joy! 

Georgia Boy!  
A southern food-food truck
There customer service was relaxed and friendly. 
I had the lamb sliders, which for a person who does not each much lamb. They were pretty darn good
Now I just wish I could try all these other food trucks! I will eventually. I know they meet downtown on thursdays but I work!! boo! :( I kow.